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Welcome to Aquariums Extraordinaire's Saltwater Favorites.
There are many marine fish and animals available to the hobby.
We feel the fish on these pages are most suitable for beginners.
Most marine fish have basic requirements such as temp. salinity, pH and other water parameters. Diet will vary depending on species.The art of marine keeping has advanced tremendously and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help make your aquarium successful.Our goal at Aquariums Extraordinaire is to help you enjoy the beauty of undersea life. Please email us if you have any questions or need advice.

Clown Trigger(Balistoides conspiculum)
Clown Trigger

(Pictured left)From Indo-Pacific and the Maldives. The Clown Trigger is one of the most attractive saltwater fish! They will eat almost any food offered, even crustacians and live fish. They are known to be aggressive. They like a bright tank without sunlight. They should have coral in the aquarium so they can hide and feel secure. They can grow extremely large! The Clown Trigger is one of the most interesting fish available today!

Blue Devil Damsel

(Pictured right)From Tropical Indo-Pacific. They are very hardy fish, tolerating extreme water conditions. They are commonly used to cycle new aquariums. They usually bully smaller fish and fight amongst themselves. There should be plenty of coral so each can have his own territory. They grow to about 3 inches in length. The Blue Devil is a gorgeous and active saltwater fish!

Blue Devil(pomacentius coelestis)
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