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Flame Angel(Centropyge loriculus)
Flame Angel

(Pictured left) From the Society Islands to Hawaii. The Flame Angel is a peaceful community fish. It should be provided coral to hide in. They will eat most prepared foods, some crustacions and a lot of vegetable matter. The Flame Angel is a good fish for a reef aquarium as it only grows to about 3" and will graze on unwanted algae.

Panther Grouper

(Pictured right) Mainly from the Indo-Pacific. The Panther is not known as a picky eater. They should never be kept with smaller fish. They are the most popular of the Saltwater Groupers. They can grow very large, commonly exceeding 12 inches. Panthers have an outgoing personality, often taking food right from your fingertips. The way they swim and the polka-dots make the Panther an amusing and attractive fish.

Panther Grouper(Cromileptes altivelas)
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