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Stress Coat

Stress Coat is used by aquarium hobbyists and professionals worldwide. The removal of chlorine from tap water is essential for tropical fish. Stress Coat can be used for your freshwater,saltwater and reef systems. Other benefits include the Aloe Vera in Stress Coat. This helps reduce the stress from water changes, transporting and crowding by providing fish with a synthetic slime coating. Every aquarist should have Stress Coat for the health of their fish. Manufactured by Aquarium Pharmacueticals.

stress coat

The nitrogen cycle is the natural break down of organic waste. Every freshwater or marine system needs to be able to support benefical bacteria. Over feeding and over crowding contribute to toxins in the water which stress the fish. You need to realize the maximum bio-load that your system can handle. Give your fish a varied diet of small and frequent feedings of enough food to consume in about one full minute. Usually, one-two inches of fish per gallon is suggested. If you had a 4 inch fish, then you should allow it approximately 2 gallons of water capacity. Keep in mind that all fish and systems are different and this is only a general guideline.

nitrogen cycle
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