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Racoon Butterfly(Chaetodon lunula)
Racoon Butterfly (Chaetodon lunula)

From the Indo-Pacific, Hawaii, The Red Sea and Australia. The Racoon is one of the most beautiful butterfly fish. Can grow to about 10 inches, usually eats whatever food is offered. Peaceful fish that can be kept in a reef tank. The Racoon is a very active and interesting fish that does well in the home aquarium.

Four Stripe Damsel(Dascyllus melanurus)

Commonly from the Indo-Pacific, the four stripe is one of the most common damsel's. This hardy fish is often used to cycle new aquariums. Water conditions don't affect it that much. They can be aggressive to each other or other fish, they eat almost any food offered. Can grow up to 4 inches.
Should be provided with hiding places such as coral.

Four Stripe Damsel(Dascyllus melanurus)
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