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Here are some more freshwater favorites.
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Tin Foil Barb(Barbodes schwanenfeldi) An extremely active fish, will eat most foods, but needs a lot of vegetable matter. Soft. slightly acidic water with temp 72-78F. Can grow up to 16in. long. Aneus Catfish(Corydoras aneus) Scavenger orginating in South America, eats almost all foods. pH should be neutral to slightly alkaline, no aquarium salt added. Temp. 72-78F. Grows up to 3in.  Perfect community fish.
Tiger Barb(Capoeta tetrazona) Very hardy , fast and active. Soft, slightly acidic water, temp. 78F. Will nip at fins of it's tankmates. Should be kept in schools of 6 or more. Eat any food offered, comes in few color variations, grows up to 3.5 in. long. Siamese Fighting Fish(betta splendens) Males viciously attack each other, a single male may be kept in some community aquariums without smaller fish. One of the hardiest freshwater fish. Eats almost all foods. Thrives in a variety of water conditions, available in many colors.
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