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Mardel Labs SaltWater Test and Reagents

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AquaLab I SaltWater pH Test Strips

"Measures pH and buffering capacity to provide complete information about pH and pH stability".

    25 Strips $8.59
100 Strips $27.99

AquaLab IV SaltWater Nitrate, Nitrite Test Strips

"Measures nitrate, nitrite and provides an ammonia warning".

  25 Strips $11.99
100 Strips $29.99

AquaLab V SaltWater Ammonia Test Strips

"Measures total ammonia"
25 Strips $11.99

AquaLab II Chlorine Test Strips

"Measures total chlorine, free chlorine and chloramine. Chlorine (total and free) and chloramine are chemical treatments added to tap water to reduce harmful germs and bacteria. Untreated, these chemicals can be deadly to tropical fish. Simply dip the test strip in tap water and read the results. Test results in only 30 seconds".

25 Strips $7.49

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