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1. The Timberland Company
Alan Buell (603)773-1252
"Please feel free to contact me about Aquariums Extraordinaire."

2.Weill Cornell Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian
Ms. Michele Neuhaus (212)746-3516
"Thank you so much for making it possible to help us create Aquariums for the children. We look forward to expanding our "fish therapy" program and have had phenominal feedback from families about how much the Aquariums have helped them to find a little peace while in the hospital.
I can not tell you how wonderful it is to work with your company. Your compassion and friendliness makes it a pleasure. After some unreponsive experiences with other companies we find your prompt service and expert advice is invaluable. Thank you again for helping us put a smile on a hospitalized child's face. "

3. TDK Electronics Corporation
Vincent Paskewitz (516)535-2600
"Aquariums Extraordinaire has designed and maintains our pond
at our corporate headquarters. This company is dependable,
helpful and trustworthy. We highly recommend their services."

4. Hunter Pointe Marina
Frank Hunter (516)867-4240
"Aquariums Extraordinaire keeps our aquariums looking their
best at all times."

5. Mr. Steven Scavuzzo
Attorney at Law (516)931-5000
"Aquariums Extraordinaire installed and maintains my reef aquarium and I highly recommend this companies services to others. "

6. The Columiba Presbyterian Children's Hospital of New York
Mrs.Joan Bompane (212)305-9029
"We would like to thank John and Aquariums Extraordinaire for their help with our aquariums. Your attention to detail and quality service is greatly appreciated. We look forward to adding more aquariums throughout the hospital for the children to enjoy. Please feel free to contact me at your convienence. Thank you."