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Aquariums Extraordinaire, Inc.

Aquariums Extraordinaire, Inc.

129 Woodbine Ave.
Merrick, New York 11566

Aquariums Extraordinaire, Inc. is a full service company. Along with providing quality products and livestock, we service new or existing commercial or residential systems. From the inital design to the routine maintenance of your system, we do it all. We have expierence in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of aquariums, reefs, ponds, water features and lobster systems. Aquariums Extraordinaire, Inc. serves the New York Tri-State area. We will impliment a complete maintenance program specifically for your individual systems requirements. Scheduling is flexible during normal business hours. Rates may vary due to travel and type of system.
We are fully licensed and insured.
Please contact us for a free estimate.


Though all systems are different, there are basic maintenance procedures that need to be done periodically. These include but are not limited to the following:

* Check Condition of Livestock
* Test Water
* Change Filter Media
* Clean Filter System
* Clean Gravel with Gravel Vac
* Clean inside Glass or Acrylic
* Clean Decorations
* Clean Protein Skimmer(S/W Only)
* Check UV Bulb if Applicable
* Water Change as Needed
* Add Water Conditioners
* Clean Tops
* Clean Front and Stand

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